Fly Fishing - Salta Golden Dorado Fly Fishing

Many of the dorado streams resemble classic trout water.Many of the dorado streams resemble classic
trout water.(click to enlarge)
South America’s Golden Dorado are rare trophies—few Americans have ever caught one and many have never even heard of the species. They are distant cousins of salmon and share many traits with large salmon and trout. Their legendary reputation as a fantastic game fish is well deserved. They punish flies, instantly leap multiple times like a tarpon and then take finger-burning runs. The beautiful clear water mountain rivers of northwestern Argentina—in particular Salta Province—provide habitat to 15- to 30-pound adult dorado as they migrate up the rivers to spawn. Juvenile dorado, from 3- to 10-pounds, reside in the rivers year-round. On a good day here, an angler might hook ten to twenty fish. Any fish hooked will provide a thrilling fight in these small waters.

Dorado River trophy on the fly.Dorado River trophy on the fly.(click to enlarge)We recommend six- to eight-weight fly rods with floating and sink tip lines. Deceiver, Clouser, or muddler patterns with lots of flash, tied on #1 to #3/0 hooks work well. The best deer hair or bunny fur fly color combinations are black, blue, brown or red—some tied with white underbodies.

A note of reality: Golden Dorado are sensitive to temperature drops; they can turn off and on with the weather. A 20-degree temperature drop will turn the Dorado off from feeding, and fishing will get tough—an angler might only hook two or three fish all day. Warmer days offer more aggressive fish and good numbers of hookups. Fishing is best early and late in the season—April through May, and September through November—when the weather is warmer.

Golden dorado are gorgeous fish.Golden dorado are gorgeous fish.(click to enlarge)Outfitter Floro Lavalle uses Patagonia-trained guides and has rights to the very productive Dorado, Del Valle and Seco Rivers which are easily accessed from the main lodge. In addition, Lavalle has a dedicated four-bedroom fishing lodge just minutes from the streams. All streams are wadeable.

South American Fly Fishers is pleased to offer this great Golden Dorado fly fishing trip in Salta, Argentina. Our outfitter and experienced fly fishing guides know all the nuances of Golden Dorado fly fishing.