Fly Fishing - El Encuentro

(click to enlarge)Patagonia offers unspoiled scenery, solitude, and every type of fly fishing you can imagine. Weather permitting, you can find dry fly action throughout the season. All of this transpires amidst the spectacular surroundings of the Andes Mountains. Most rivers and lakes in the area provide a chance to use many different fishing techniques in the same day.

(click to enlarge)Access to the Rio Futaleufú, Rio Frey, Rio Corcovado, Rio Pico and many other rivers, and a myriad of spring creeks and lakes combine to make your fishing exploit the best ever.

Our private waters offer a complete variety of fishing styles—from big dry flies to stripping weighted streamers to tiny emergers, nymphs, and size 18 mayfly spinners.

(click to enlarge)We fish both floating and sinking lines, and dry and wet flies at different times of the season or even on the same day! Our goal is to provide you with more than just great fishing. We strive to present a true Argentine experience that includes extraordinary wines, food, company and great adventures.